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Yes! Mubarak Saidu here. You may not have heard of me because i may not be the best Guru you'll find available. But i know this for sure, i know a thing or two about Internet marketing and eCommerce which will add tons of value to you only if you stick around with me.

My journey in the online space started way back in mid 2016, when i came across a group on Facebook called the Muslim Entrepreneurship Network. It was a of young entrepreneurs who were promoting an eCommerce course on how to run an online store with Shopify and Aliexpress. That my friends was the beginning of my online journey and i never looked back.

That which Makes me different, makes me who I am.
~ Mubarak Saidu ~
Chapter 1: My eCommerce Journey
Now here's my story...
I ventured into the eCommerce space sometime in 2016 and chose the Drop-shipping model. I went through the whole 10 part video series of Fred Lam on how to create an online drop-shipping store with Shopify and Aliexpress. I read all the eBooks and blog post of Shopify and Oberlo and lots of other value packed info i could get on the internet regarding how to setup and run an online drop-shipping store. By the end of 2016, my online drop-shipping store "Printed Bae" was launched. It was a fashion store that sells female printed apparel. 

Fast forward to 2018, i began working on upgrading my store to offer more quality products from trusted and reliable market. As of today, Printed Bae has now upgraded from a drop-shipping store to an Amazon affiliate store. Only that now, not only is female printed apparel alone, but along with printed bags, printed shoes and cosmetics.
Chapter 2: My Internet Marketing Journey
Going further, i came across John Crestani's Internet Jetset, which is the first of many internet marketing course i took. It introduced me into the world of affiliate marketing, where i got signed up as a  ClickBank affiliate to promote digital products and the i got signed up with Amazon to become an associate promoting physical products.  

I enrolled in many more internet marketing courses and read tons and tons of eBooks, articles, blog post on internet marketing to equip myself with the needed expertise to be a successful internet marketer. I am a member of The Super Affiliate Network and a Click funnels guy. 

Being a successful internet marketer makes you conversant with lots of powerful softwares likes email marketing softwares, video editing softwares and lots of other skill sets associated with digital marketing.

Talking about softwares, let me tell you more about this amazing and powerful software called Clickfunnels. It is the software that is changing the world of business. What ever it is you do, you need click funnels to build your funnel and generate leads and revenue. It is the future of sales and marketing. The good thing is that you can try this amazing software for free to see if it suits your business. But i assure you, it does.

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